Travel Photographer of the Year 2017: I am in the Winners' Gallery!

I can safely say 2017 was the Year of the Portuguese Man o' War for me and I am so honoured to end it as HIGHLY COMMENDED in the TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2017 competition (Primary Colours category).
My picture was also shortlisted in the Wildlife, Sealife category.


Furthermore, 4 of my Mount Pico images were shortlisted in the Earth & Climate Portfolio category.
I created a gallery of all these shots on my website:

All images were taken in the Azores and, specifically, in Pico, where I have now lived for over 10 years.
This is for you, my beloved Azores.


P.S: Don't forget to visit the 2017 Winners' Gallery on the Travel Photographer of the Year website!

I am a Finalist in the Travel Photographer of the Year 2017 competition

Great news, ragazzi!

I am shortlisted in 3 (three, I could not believe it!) different categories of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2017 competition and I feel so happy and honoured about it.

Since all judging has to take place anonymously, including the forthcoming final phase, I cannot reveal what images of mine are shortlisted. For now, all I can tell you is what categories I am in for the final round of judging: 

  • Earth & Climate Portfolio
    (4 images)

  • Primary Colours - Red, Green, Blue
    (One Shot - single image category) 

  • Wildlife, Sealife
    (One Shot - single image category)

Click here to see all the 2017 Finalists

Results announcement is currently scheduled for 16th December 2017 and I will keep you posted.

Just a final thought. Of course I would love to win but, believe me, having my images picked among thousands of other pictures already made my day, month and year, photographically speaking.

If this competition was tennis - and I am a pretty good player, by the way - I would 100% focus on the next game and give it all in the finals. Furthermore, if it was tennis, a loss in the final would certainly be disappointing. 
However, this is photography. I already gave all I could at the time I took the now shortlisted pictures and edited them. There is nothing more I can do now and, for this reason, I will still be very pleased of my current achievement even if none of my photographs turns out to be a winner.